Raja Dhiraja Yoga, the classical Yoga to enhance your life.

“What is Raja Dhiraja Yoga?”

As a yoga teacher, I frequently hear the same questions; “what is Raja Dhiraja Yoga? Why would practicing this style benefit me?”.  Raja Dhiraja Yoga, or Raja Yoga is called “Royal” yoga. In Sanskrit, raja means king or one who has achieved self-mastery.  Raja yoga is a yogic lifestyle, more than just a “type” of yoga. Raja yoga is the most scientific, and complete form of yoga.  It is based on the 8 limbs of yoga.  Raja yoga has an emphasis on proper breathing, (pranayama) and a continuous flow and proper form in asana. Raja yoga is more than just breathing and asana. It is also a path to enhance and enrich our lives.   Learn more of the history of Raja Dhiraja yoga here.

Raja yoga is also referred to as the “yoga of the mind” because of its strong emphasis on meditation and benefits. A practice of meditation improves focus and calms the mind as well as an improvement in the general feeling of well-being.

“Raja Yoga is a science, art and a path in life to enhance, enrich and strengthen our spiritual focus.”

-Walter Baptiste

 What can I expect from a Raja Dhiraja Yoga class?

When you come to a Raja Yoga class, leave all expectations and self-doubt at the door. Walk in, and fully commit to the possibility of inner illumination. Raja Yoga’s authentic and inclusive nature gives you the freedom to be truly you.

A typical class will start with  pranayama, the exercise of controlling your breath. This practice helps to move vital life energy, or prana throughout our body. After pranayama, we will have a guided meditation to help ground you into your body, and increase your body awareness.  This short meditation helps you to focus on the reason why you came to class…You! After the beginning meditation, we will then perform series of traditional asanas, or postures  to improve muscle tone, strength, and flexibility.  Finally, we will end the class with a guided meditation and a deeply relaxing savasana. You will emerge from the class recharged, with a sense of well-being, calmness and positivity.

I encourage you to come to Raja Yoga. Give it six classes and see how remarkable you can feel, not only in your body, but also your mind.

Blue Cat Yoga holds Raja Yoga classes Monday-Friday at 9 AM, and on Tuesdays at 3:30, and 7 pm, (starting Aug.1st). Blue Cat Yoga can be found in the Waves Float Center  211 DeMers Ave., (located inside the River Cinema Mall) in East Grand Forks, MN. Please check the services tab to contact Tiffany if you have any questions. All are welcome!

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