Ashram Living Guide

The ashram at Ropa village.
The ashram at Ropa village.

Tips for Survival

  1. Earplugs – No one tells you about the wild pack of dogs that like to rumble  right under your window at night.
  2. Sleep Aids – Chances are your earplugs won’t block out all of the sweet dog serenades. You’ll want something strong.
  3. Toilet Paper – Take as many rolls as you can. Seriously, fill that suitcase. You could sell any extras to your mates in the ashram. Unless you are going full traditional, and in that case, bring plenty of hand-sanitizer.
  4. Good drinking bottles – Forget anything with a straw or small opening. You want wide, easy to clean bottles. I had a squeeze sports bottle with a dispenser tip. Gut-busting amoebas like to live in those nice damp dispenser tips. You’re welcome.
  5. Buckets – If there are buckets in your bathroom, keep them full of water. You’ll appreciate it if/when the water goes out.
  6. Underwear for every day. Washing clothes in a bucket will stretch your clothes out. I’m not a fan of the granny panties to your knees look.
  7. Your sense of HUMOR.  Your ashram will be full of people, you might occasionally loose power or water,  you have ashram chores, an intense homework load that might push you to the break of madness, but amid the chaos and hurricane of emotions, there is a serene stillness. A powerful and peaceful center within you. You feel balanced and like a compass, you find your true north.

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