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TiffanyOwner and Founder of Blue Cat Yoga, Tiffany was trained in the classical yoga style, Raja Dhiraja. In a small, rural ashram in the Himalayan Mountains in beautiful Kullu Valley of northern India, Tiffany was immersed in the authentic yogic lifestyle. It was here at the Himalayan Yoga Institute, that her passion for yoga and meditation deepened.

Tiffany is a current yoga instructor and Yoga Therapist-in-training with Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy.

Tiffany strives to help others live with more freedom, both in the body and in the mind.


Yoga Services

Raja Yoga Class


Let your stress and tension melt away in this unique Raja Yoga class. This class focuses on deep, relaxing postures, pranayama, (breathing techniques and exercises) and  meditation. Raja Yoga has been called “Yoga for the mind”.  Take a class and see how deeply relaxed you can be. Try for a month, and increase your sense of well-being in mind, body and soul.

Drop in- $10

Private Lessons

Lower back pain? Can’t touch your toes? Don’t know downward-facing dog from king cobra? Private lessons tailored to your specific needs, and your level. Taking advantage of private lessons help you to reap the benefits of yoga more quickly, by having lessons designed with you in mind.

$20- 1st Lesson

$30- Single Lessons

$150- 6 Private Lessons

Other Services

Guided Meditation sessions

Lectures and workshops available.


Raja Dhiraja Yoga, the classical Yoga to enhance your life.

“What is Raja Dhiraja Yoga?” As a yoga teacher, I frequently hear the same questions; “what is Raja Dhiraja Yoga? Why would practicing this style benefit me?”.  Raja Dhiraja Yoga, or Raja Yoga is called “Royal” yoga. In Sanskrit, raja means king or one who has achieved self-mastery.  Raja yoga is a yogic lifestyle, more …

Using Dharana to Cultivate a Healthy Mind

  Dharana can be described as exercising intellectual control over your mind and emotions.  Swami Vivekanada said the mind was like “a drunken monkey”.  When we begin to meditate, and lose our focus, dharana is your reset. It is when you regain attention and your concentration. We employ dharana when trying to calm our mind from sensory impressions, and …

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